Public Utilities


The Public Utilities Department handles all of your water needs. We want you to turn on the tap and be assured that you have the best quality and best tasting water in Kansas. On the other end of the spectrum, when you are done with all that water, our sewer system transports the liquid waste to the El Dorado Wetlands & Water Reclamation Facility where removal of the pollutants and nutrients that would harm the environment occurs before returning clean water back to the Walnut River.


To provide the citizens of El Dorado with a well maintained and fiscally sound water production facility, proactive maintenance and enhancement of the water distribution system and sewer collection system; a wastewater treatment facility that meets all State and Federal regulations and operates as efficiently as possible. We will manage, utilize and protect El Dorado’s renewable resources to benefit the citizens of El Dorado, as well as future generations of El Dorado citizens.

Providing the best Utility Service for our citizens, award winning "Best Tasting Water in Kansas" and a National award winning Wetlands and Water Reclamation Facility

Reporting a Problem

We operate 24/7, with either personnel on-duty or on-call. We urge citizens with water or sewer issues, please contact the Utilities Department at 316-321-9100 during business office hours. However, if you experience problems after business hours, for water or sewer issues, call our on-call personnel at 316-323-4987 or 316-323-4997. We will check the city sewer first, at no expense to the customer, to assist in the elimination of the problem.

Online Water / Sewer Utility Information

You may now pay your water, sewer, and trash bill online, set up auto payment, or if you want to start new water or sewer service call 316-321-9100.