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The City Commission meets twice each month, on the first and third Mondays, at 6:30 PM CST. The meetings are open to the public and held in the Commission Room of City Hall at 220 East First in El Dorado. For those who cannot attend, the meetings are shown LIVE on cable channel 7, as well as videotaped and rebroadcasted at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday following the meeting. The meetings can also be viewed online.

The governing body is comprised of four City Commissioners and one Mayor, who presides over the council meetings. The City Commissioners are elected every four years, on a two year rotating schedule. Every two years, the mayor and two of the commissioners are elected. The governing body serves the public and welcomes public comments.


MemberPublic E-mailPublic Phone
Mayor HainesEmail Mayor Haines323-2535
Commissioner GuthrieEmail Commissioner Guthrie323-5032
Commissioner LewisEmail Commissioner Lewis323-5635
Commissioner BadweyEmail Commissioner Badwey322-5217
Commissioner WilkinsonEmail Commissioner Wilkinson321-1165

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