Advisory Boards & Committees

City boards and committees offer an excellent opportunity for individuals to volunteer their services and to participate in our government. Service can be an enlightening and rewarding experience for those involved as well as a way to become involved in the issues affecting them and their neighbors. Committees and boards are also of vital importance to the City of El Dorado’s Commission and staff.

The mayor and city commissioners each hold full time jobs, volunteer their time for commission meetings as well as serving as ex officio on at least 1 other city board or committee; and last but certainly not least devote time to listening to the concerns of the citizens. City staff work very diligently on the day to day business of the city as well as serving on boards and committees throughout El Dorado.

Due to the constraints on the City Commission and staff time, they rely heavily on the service and of citizens on these boards and committees. The contributions of time and effort of these individuals is invaluable to the smooth operation of the City of El Dorado. Interested parties may apply for a position on any of the available boards and committees by completing the Advisory Board Application. Members wishing to renew their terms may fill out the Advisory Board Renewal Application. Any questions can be e-mailed to the City Clerk.

The advisory boards are governed by a set of policies (PDF) determined by the City Commission.

Board or CommitteeTermsResponsibilities

Board of Appeals / Code Review2 or 4-year Terms - No Term LimitsDiscuss building code adoption, methods of construction, and training. Meetings are held quarterly.
Board of Zoning Appeals3-year Terms - No Term LimitsResponsible for hearing and deciding appeals where it is alleged there was an error made by the zoning administrator. Meets as necessary.
Experience El Dorado Committee2-year Terms - No Term LimitsMakes recommendations to the City Commission regarding programs and expenditures for the promotion of conventions and tourism. Meets bimonthly.
El Dorado Inc.4-year Terms - No Term Limits (Follows Commissioners Terms)Recommends plans for identifying potential incentives to increase the commercial and industrial base in El Dorado. Meets bimonthly.
Library Board4-year Terms - 2 Consecutive Term Limit
Assists library staff in current policy as well as future plans. Meetings are held monthly.
Planning Commission3-year Terms - No Term LimitsReviews planning and zoning actions and provides recommendations to the City Commission. Meets monthly.
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee2-year Terms - No Term LimitsProvides counsel and advice concerning the city’s recreational programming to the City Commission.
Sales Tax Advisory Committee1-year Terms - No Term LimitsDiscusses proposals for the use of uncommitted sales tax from city staff, and then provides recommendations to the City Commission for those funds. Meets 2 to 3 times per year.