Human Resources

The City of El Dorado is made up of a dedicated team of employees. We take great pride in our employees as well as the services we provide to our citizens. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the effective development, implementation and/or administration of a variety of programs and functions, such as: employee recruitment; personnel policy development and administration; monitoring regulatory compliance; administering employee benefits and activities; and providing appropriate training to employees and supervisors.


The City employs a wide range of positions throughout our eight departments. We employ people in positions from maintenance to engineers, clerical to administrative support, recreation to cemetery, a variety of support staff to senior management, and more.

Each year, according to state law, the city commission must pass a salary ordinance. The salary ordinance of the City of El Dorado relates to the adoption of the city’s pay plan and retirement benefit packages. The city's salary ordinance lists the positions the city employs and the pay range, including minimum and maximum hourly rates. 

Master plan documents of the City’s group health insurance/life insurance and retirement-related programs are maintained by the Director of Human Resources.