Fire Department


The El Dorado Fire Department is responsible for the protection of the City of El Dorado, and contracts with the El Dorado Township, and the Western portion of Prospect Township. Through these contracts the Fire Department is able to generate revenue worth over half of its annual operating expenses. It also contracts to provide Hazardous Materials response to all of Butler County. The Department takes pride in serving its jurisdiction, and providing the Citizens of El Dorado with an outstanding service at a lower expense that would normally be found in a City of comparable size.

The El Dorado Fire Department provides a wide range of services which include:

  • A comprehensive fire inspection program of all commercial businesses that insures our community is a safe place to work, shop and live in
  • Community events (Health fairs, festivals, Safe Night Out, parades, etc.)
  • County-wide hazardous material response
  • Fire education and prevention programs
  • Fire origin and cause investigations
  • Fire suppression activities
  • Free blood pressure checks (At the Fire Department)
  • Medical emergencies response
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  1. Hazardous Materials
  2. Medical Emergencies
  3. Preparing for the Future

Most of the full-time staff are certified to Hazardous Materials Technician Level, and many of our volunteers have obtained a certification of Hazardous Materials Operations Level. The El Dorado Fire department is responsible for responding to a wide range of hazardous materials calls, responding not only to emergencies within the City of El Dorado, but also within Butler County, Kansas.

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