Cardboard Drop Off Location 

The City of El Dorado offers a cardboard drop-off site, located in the 400 block of South Vine Street. This area is for cardboard only. Please break down all boxes and do not leave anything on the ground in front of the drop-off container. 

The site will be monitored by video surveillance and anyone who violates the rules listed above will be prosecuted for illegal dumping. 

Information Sign

Composting Center

The Compost Site is for residents to drop off grass, leaves or brush. All other items must be taken to the Butler County Landfill. In addition, no commercial tree contractors are allowed. The dumpster located at the site is only for bags used to legally dump. If you dump anything else you will be fined and prosecuted. Anyone can report illegal dumping by calling 911. The site is located at 500 E. Locust.