Industrial Water

Aerial Photo of a Lake

El Dorado has abundant water

The City of El Dorado is unique in that it is the only city in the State of Kansas to contract directly with the Corps of Engineers for its raw water supply, El Dorado Reservoir. The City holds sole ownership of all water to be used for the public water supply. El Dorado has an abundant capacity to provide 10 million gallons water daily (10mgd) firm yield to business customers in the community.

Water pressure in El Dorado is generally between 30 to 60 psi, depending upon elevation and size of water distribution lines.

Industrial Water Brochure

For more information about commercial rates contact Scott Rickard at 316-321-9100.

Rates for In-City Customers

UsageRate/100 cubic feet
0 to 30,000 CF$1.27
Over 30,000 CF$1.22