El Dorado Sales Tax Program

Renewing the El Dorado One Cent Sales Tax

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A question will be on the ballot for the General Election in November 2023 to decide if El Dorado's One Cent Sales Tax should be renewed, with some changes. This chart shows how much will be allocated to each of the funds if the tax is approved.

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The 2023 Sales Tax Ballot Question will propose the following:

  • $1.65 million will be designated for property tax reduction, reducing property tax by approximately 17 mills.
  • $700,000 will be allocated to streets (an increase of $100,000 over the current tax).
  • The remainder will go to Excess Sales Tax Projects, for which projects will be recommended by the Excess Sales Tax Committee and voted on by the City Commission.
  • The tax also would be made continuous, which eliminates the need for an election every five years. The tax could still be changed in the future through a ballot question. This allows for future planning for long-term planning.

Video Series explaining the Sales Tax

Current El Dorado Sales Tax

The City of El Dorado has voted in favor of a one-cent sales tax since 1989. The current sales tax began October 1, 2019 and ends September 30, 2024.

  1. Current Sales Tax Structure
  2. Excess Sales Tax Process
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Currently, City Ordinance G-1281 states:

  • $1,650,000 is allocated to property tax reduction, the equivalent of approximately 17.5 mills 
  • $600,000 is allocated to street rehabilitation, including $500,000 for the city's annual mill and overlay program and $100,000 for minor street maintenance such as crack sealing and pothole patching
  • $100,000 is allocated to economic development for various projects and initiatives
  • Funds in excess of $2.35 million are allocated to the Excess Sales Tax program for capital projects approved by the City Commission