How does the city treat our drinking water?
Although El Dorado’s source water is of very high quality, extensive treatment is still needed to meet strict quality standards for drinking water. Chemicals are added at the beginning of the treatment process to remove particles, microorganisms, and other contaminants. Another aide in achieving great tasting water is the addition of powdered activated carbon (PAC). PAC adsorbs many of the musty odors associated with any surface water. After adsorbing these taste and odor compounds, the PAC is removed in large filter beds along with any remaining particles, yielding clean, fresh water as the finished product.

Next, treated water is disinfected with chloramines to inactivate bacteria and viruses and to help prevent harmful organisms from growing in the distribution system. Fluoride is naturally occurring in El Dorado Lake at concentration of about 0.2 ppm. We add about 0.5 ppm so the final concentration is 0.7 ppm, to help prevent tooth decay. El Dorado has four water treatment operators, all holding the State's highest certification, who monitor the treatment process continuously to ensure consistent quality and safety.

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