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Lead Service Line Inventory (LSLI)

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  2. Structure type:
  3. Materials List (Check all that apply)

  4. 1. What pipe material is the service line pipe entering your house, foundation or business made of?
  5. (This may be the year the structure was built)

  6. 3. What size pipe is the service line entering your house or business?
  7. 4. What material are the plumbing pipes in your house or business mostly made of?
  8. 5. What is the second most material the plumbing pipes are made of?
  9. 6. How old are the pipes inside your house?
  10. 7. Do you have a water softner, a whole home water purification system, RO-System, faucet filter or any other treatment device installed in your house or business?
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