Public Works

Dump Truck program


At Public Works we understand that you need reliable and up to date information on city streets and infrastructure. Please bookmark this page and follow the City of El Dorado on Twitter and Facebook where we provide the latest information.

Street Cleaning & Maintenance

We take pride in the condition and appearance of our city streets. Regular maintenance is scheduled to promote upkeep and ensure longevity. In addition, street sweeping occurs on a constant basis and usually in the overnight hours to be courteous of traffic.

Storm Drains

Integral to the safety of our streets, storm drains must be kept clear of debris and function at maximum capacity. Please remember to help keep our city clean and at full function by not leaving grass clippings or leaves in our streets. Dispose of yard waste conveniently at the municipal composting center.

Snow & Ice Removal

Our goal is to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic during snowfall / icing events, and to provide for removal procedures and operational tasks. For snowfall less than 2-inches, we will employ adequate sanding procedures. For snowfall greater than 2-inches

Storm Clean-Up

Kansas storms can bring high winds, rain, and hail causing fallen limbs. Critical access and public safety will determine priority of limb removal. Streets are first priority and then alley ways. If you have limbs that have fallen on your property, you will need to place them at the curb within 48 hours after the storm for pick up.

City staff will not go on private property. Small limbs should be bundled together for easy handling. Depending on the severity, crews will be collecting limbs for approximately 1 week after the storm. We appreciate your help keeping El Dorado clean after the storm!

Signs & Signals

Public Works maintains all of the city's traffic signals and facilities with knowledgeable and experienced help.