Planning & Zoning Department


Planning and Zoning is responsible to provide and communicate the framework for guiding the community toward orderly growth and development by relating, balancing, and harmonizing the physical, social, economic, and aesthetic features of the community as it responds to private sector initiatives.

  1. Comprehensive Plan
  2. Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  3. Procedures Manual

The Comprehensive Plan for the City of El Dorado (PDF) establishes community-wide goals and serves as the basis for making zoning decisions. No zoning laws or plan, however, can provide for the general public good and at the same time accommodate all individual interests.

While there must be a proper balance between the public good and individual interests, what is best for the community as a whole must prevail. Zoning amendments that are based on benefits to individuals while becoming detriments to the community as a whole, have usually been declared invalid by the courts.