Water Rates

Residential & Commercial

In-City Customers

Rates for in‐city customers, per 100-cubic-feet (CF) or 748 gallons of usage, are:

0 to 30,000 CF$1.27
Over 30,000 CF$1.22

A readiness‐to‐serve charge based on meter size also applies:

Meter SizeFee
5/8 and 1-inch$10.44

Outside-City Customers

Rates for outside‐city limits customers are charged 175% of the above amounts, per 100-cubic-feet of usage:

0 to 30,000 CF$2.22
Over 30,000 CF$2.14

A readiness‐to‐serve charge also applies to outside city limits customers.

Water Meter Sales

Water meters come in various sizes and the following information will help you choose the best size for your needs.

  • 1-inch Meter
    We have recommended the 1-inch meter for new construction for the last 25 years, therefore it is the most common size meter in newer developments. Flow capabilities are 50 gallons per minute. This is usually adequate to supply household needs and a sprinkler system. The cost is $450 installed.
  • 1.5-inch Meter
    These a more typical in commercial applications or large sprinkler systems. Flow capabilities are 100 gallons per minute. Installation is at cost.
  • 2-inch Meter
    This is for commercial applications and large sprinkler systems. Flow capabilities are 200 gallons per minute. Installation is at cost.

For more information, contact Water Distribution / Sewer Maintenance Superintendent Gary Taylor by email or at 316‐321‐9100.

Bulk Water Dispenser

A top filling bulk water dispenser is available at the Water Treatment Plant, to fill water tanks. The bulk water dispenser dispenses about 100 gallons for $0.25. It is unlawful to fill from any hydrant other than the one located at the Water Treatment Plant. This hydrant must be tended by authorized personnel and is protected from back‐flows with a backflow preventer. If a customer needs to fill a tank from the fire hydrant, there is a $20 minimum charge per load. Unless bulk dispenser is inoperable, in which case the customer will be billed using the above rates.