Regulation & Enforcement

Adopted Fire Codes

For the purpose of prescribing rules and regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire, hazardous materials or explosion, and for the purpose of providing minimum regulations for the construction, erection, remodeling, alteration, repair or expansion of any building or structure, the "International Fire Code," 2006 Edition, including appendix A to G and referred standards prepared and published in book form by the International Code Council, Inc., except such articles, sections, parts or portions that have been omitted, deleted, modified or changed by ordinance.

International Code Council - Fire Code 2006 ed

Amendments and Deletions to the Fire Code

Design Documents & Plans

The El Dorado Fire Department Shall receive a set of stamped and approved plans for any commercial property or residential property which contain more than 2 dwelling units which is new construction, or which has been remodeled or has had additions or changes any of the following:

  • Changes Fire Suppression System
  • Changes Fire Alarm System
  • Changes to egress path or exits
  • Changes in occupancy type or group

Any of these items will require the submittal of a code footprint and/or design documents related to the fire protection or detections systems.

There should be at least one copy of the design document submitted to the El Dorado Fire Department. The department shall retain this copy once approved.

Should the design professional wish to have additional copy stamped approved, that number of additional copies shall be submitted with the original document. If no additional copies are provided the design professional will receive an approval letter from the El Dorado Fire Department. A copy of this approval letter or stamp approved design documents shall be available at the job site.

It shall be the responsibility of those submitting documents for approval to retrieve the approved documents from the El Dorado Fire Department.

Submitted documents should contain information or an attachment providing contact information for the documents return.

Review is normally completed within 10 business days, however, larger projects may require additional time.

For additional information please contact Deputy Chief Tony Yaghjian at 316-321-9100, ext. 203 or email Tony Yaghjian.