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The El Dorado Police Department is a highly progressive and professional agency providing dedicated service to the citizens of El Dorado since 1917.  Our motto "Community Safety, Partners in Service" states the essential purpose of the El Dorado Police Department.  We protect the rights of all persons within our jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions and to live in peace.  We have an authorized force of 28 sworn officers and we want you to join our team.


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Step 1: Fill out online application and submit to Human Resources to begin the process. 

Step 2: Upon successful review of your application, you will receive an email invitation from human resources for the next available testing date. You will also receive instructions to complete your background investigation questionnaire.  

Step 3: On the day of applicant testing, you will arrive at the police department for a physical ability test. This consists of a one-mile run, a one-minute sit-up test, and a one-minute push-up test.  

Step 4: After successful completion of the physical ability test (usually the same day), you will take the Standard and Associates National Police Officer Selection test. This is a written test designed to measure your arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar, and incident report writing skills.  

Step 5: After successful completion of the written test, you will have an in-person interview in front of a panel of law enforcement officers and the Human Resources Manager. You can expect open ended questions, as well as scenario-based questions that will help the interview board learn about you and your problem solving ability.  

Step 6: If the interview board recommends you to go on in the application process, you will have an interview with the Chief of Police. Upon a successful interview with the Chief of Police, you will receive a conditional job offer. The job offer will be contingent upon the successful completion of the following steps:  

Step 7: Background Investigation. A thorough background investigation will be conducted to verify your previous work history, work habits, and personal history.  

Step 8: Computer Voice Stress Analysis. Upon successful review of your background information, you will take an examination that will analyze your ability to tell the truth regarding the background investigation.  

Step 9: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory a.k.a the MMPI test. This is a test administered by a mental health professional that will profile certain personality traits.  

Step 10: Drug screen. You will then submit to a drug screen test.

Step 11: Physical exam. A routine physical exam will be completed at a medical care facility.  

Step 12: Show up for your first day as a police officer with the El Dorado Police Department!


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