Constant Creek Sewer Interceptor Project

The Constant Creek Sewer Interceptor Project will replace an existing 15-inch,  75-year-old clay pipe sewer interceptor that runs along Constant Creek going toward the Wetlands and Water Reclamation Facility. The new sewer interceptor will be increased in pipe diameter to better meet existing flow along with future flows with growth. The new interceptor, along with a parallel interceptor which runs along Constant Creek, will have the capacity to carry up to 5.4 million gallons of wastewater per day to the Wetlands and Water Reclamation Facility.  

El Dorado Existing Sewer Map

Cost: Estimated to be $3.9 million

Construction start date: Anticipated in early August

Construction end date: Anticipated to be the end of 2024

  1. Timeline
  2. Project Funding

Early 2022 – City staff met to discuss ideas for a grant application for the B.A.S.E. grant program administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

February 2022 – Staff reviewed the City’s proposal. Project ideas included a 30-inch sanitary sewer interceptor along Constant Creek.

October 2022 – The City applied for the grant for water infrastructure improvements and industrial development.

April 13, 2022 – El Dorado was announced as a first-round recipient for a $3 million B.A.S.E. grant.

May 2022 – The City received a draft version of the Water Treatment and Capacity Study and the Sanitary Sewer Capacity Study for review. Included in the priorities identified were the Central Avenue water transmission main and Constant Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor, both of which are included in the BASE grant.

October 2022 – Survey work started on the Constant Creek Sanitary Sewer Project. Work is being done to determine the existing condition so a plan can be developed on how to proceed.

January 2023 – Garver, the consultant for the Constant Creek project, has completed the survey of the sewer interceptor. They are now working to develop plans showing the existing and proposed alignments for the project.

February 2023 – Final stages of due diligence. Work is underway to complete the archaeological investigation (this is expected to take four to five weeks) and to secure the final easements necessary to get the project underway.
- The city submitted a permit application for the sewer crossing under the BNSF right-of-way. BNSF may require changes to the designed facilities because the original sewer main was installed in 1956 and now they have different requirements for infrastructure. This review is anticipated to take 30 days.

Early April – Anticipated bid letting.

May 6 - Anticipated date for contract award by City Commission

Early August – Anticipated start of construction.

End of 2024 – Anticipated completion date.