Why did I receive a backflow prevention letter?

In accordance with regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the Public Utilities Department implemented a Cross-Connection Backflow Prevention Program many years ago to help safeguard the citizens of El Dorado against backflow and back siphonage. This program requires backflow assemblies on any connection to city water where there is a potential for contamination. These potential hazards include but are not limited too irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, boilers, medical equipment, chemical mixing vessels and many more, if you have a question as to weather or not your application needs an assembly please call (316)-322-4443 or a plumbing professional . You can help protect our water by making sure your outside faucets are protected with an atmospheric vacuum breaker as well. In most homes built after 1990, the outside faucets have built-in atmospheric vacuum breakers. But for those without, we have a limited supply of atmospheric vacuum breakers available free of charge at the water treatment plant. Please contact us for more information at (316)-322-4443.

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