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2021 Fall Photo Contest

  1. Entry form and photo release must be submitted before photo is eligible for judging.

    Fall Entries Accepted: Oct. 8 through Nov. 5; Public Voting: Nov. 9 through 21 

  2. Four contests this year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!
    At the end of each season, all submitted photos will be available in a photo album on and open to a public vote. The top three photos (each season) will win! Prizes: $75 for First Place, $50 for Second Place, and $25 for Third Place (Prizes will be awarded as Chamber checks and can be used at any local business)
  3. Photo Entry Form

    1. Fill out photo entry form. One form per entry. Be sure to sign the form. 2. Email photo to and submit the online form or deliver form to City Hall. Photos are encouraged to be taken during the Summer months in the El Dorado area. Photos taken in past years can be submitted. The contest is free to enter. Maximum three entries per person. Entries will be accepted from El Dorado residents and visitors. Children’s entries are welcome!

  4. Photographer's Release
    I grant the City of El Dorado the right to use, publish, display or distribute this image.
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