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Gold Fest 2023 Vendor Application

  1. The City of Gold Festival will be held from 2 to 11 p.m. Sept. 23, 2023 in Downtown El Dorado.
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    *The Artisan Market is a juried event. Art/Maker vendors MUST be handmade (painters, crafters, woodworkers, craft bakers, etc.). 

    *All vendors must submit an application by September 1, 2023. Once the application is approved, City Staff will contact you about paying the fee. The fee must be paid no later than September 13, 2023. 

    *All vendors must provide proof of a valid State of Kansas Tax ID with their application. 

    *Food and alcohol vendors must provide proof of the appropriate licenses with their application.

    *Alcohol vendors must provide proof of insurance with the City listed as an additional insured.    

    *All Alcohol/Beer vendors must submit their application and the State of Kansas form by August 1, 2023 so the City may complete the Resolution and submit it to the State. Please leave the map blank on the State form, staff will attach a festival map with the location.

    *Check in for vendors will begin at 11 a.m. You will receive more information on the specific location for this in September.    

    *You will not be able to unload and load items directly from your vehicle in the festival area, we recommend that you bring a cart to carry things to and from.

    *Vendors will receive a 10 foot by 10 foot outdoor booth space

    Food trucks/vendors must provide their own electricity. We encourage the quiet generators as to not interfere with the festival atmosphere.

    *Vendors must remain at the festival until at least 8 p.m., anyone who would like to stay through the end of the event is welcome to. We ask food trucks to remain in operation until 10 p.m. and not to leave the festival until the crowd has dispersed. 

    *Vendors are strongly encouraged to bring a tent/canopy for shade. Tents/canopies must be held down with weights to prevent damage to other  Tables, weights or canopies will NOT be provided.                             

    Vendor Fees
    $50 - Artisan/Maker/Farmer’s Market
    $100 - Food Truck
    $100 - Alcohol
    $50 - Business (Businesses located within the festival area are free.)
    $20 - Social Organization (free for 501C3 organizations)

    Gold Fest is a rain or shine event. No refunds or exchanges will be made in the event of cancellation by vendor.

    Your signature on this application indicates that you agree to comply with the regulations listed above.

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